Top 5 Reasons Why You Need SamCart

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SamCart hasn’t been around too long. In fact, it is a brand new concept that has been brought into the marketing industry only within the past year. New or not, SamCart is a welcome addition to the retail and service world. Anyone who would need to use a cart to add products to their store would want to use SamCart.

Smart and Fast

The first thing about SamCart is that it is an excellent choice for many reasons, the first being that adding products to this cart is as easy as it will ever get. Whereas other carts would take about 15-20 minutes to add products because of the list of 20 questions makes SamCart a pleasure because it literally would take under a minute per product.

Yes, you read right, under a minute.

That means in the 15-20 minutes it would take to add one product in the other carts isn’t going to occur because you will get 15-20 products in your store in that time span.

Now you need to realize that time is money as the old saying goes. I have to agree with that. Do you want to pay someone to set up products in your online store for weeks or days? If you’re doing it, wouldn’t you rather be selling then adding? I believe that is exactly what you would prefer to do.

How It Works

Let me tell you the steps to adding a product in case you don’t believe me.

First you create a name or title for your product. Then you add a description short in nature just to let your customers know what they will be buying. Of course, the price would then be included. Now you would check off whether it will be a one-time payment or a payment plan which would be weekly or monthly.

From there you would deploy the product, and this is where you would add your picture. Your product is now ready to be entered into your online store. Wasn’t that easy? 

The Upsell System

Included with the SamCart is the upsell system. In case you aren’t aware of theupsell term, I will be glad to explain it. To upsell is when your customer is being redirected to checking out something that would be an upgrade of a product or more expensive.

If you are selling watches, it would be like the customer was looking at a $100 watch, and suddenly there is a bright new shiny $200 watch. The customer may take that $200 one, and you will instantly make $100 more off a sale because your shopping cart sold it for you.

Wow, if that isn’t magical, I don’t know what is.

Another feature of the cart is the funnel effect. It has the ability to split test the funnels, which basically means that half of the traffic will be funneled to the one upsell process and the remaining part will go to another. This doubled the value of what was a single customer. That means you are making more money.

SamCart is an excellent choice for making money. It’s almost like having a virtual salesman in your store. It’s selling to people who aren’t really understanding what is happening.

All they could think when they see a product that they like and see a better version of that product is, “Okay, now I want the better one.” In the marketing world, people are always comparison shopping.

They are always looking for what is a better deal or a better version for the right price of what they need or want. In fact, some people get outright joy out of it. The wouldn’t like it any other way.

SamCart is the way to go. If you need a cart for your store, and I will bet my bottom dollar that you do, contact You will be happy that you did!


David Janosik
Like you, nationally recognized expert and business entrepreneur David Janosik leverages proven marketing strategies to grow businesses & generate more sales. With over a decade of development, consulting, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, his view is radically different. If you’re already doing business online, David hopes that his experiences – both his wins and his failures – can help you reach your goals.
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