I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your prospecting needs. I’ll add to it as I learn more, but you’ll notice that in the future I’ll reference this page quite often. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.  Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


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  1. WordPress

  2. WordPress is the ultimate platform for any kind of website. It’s easy to use, powerful and extremely flexible. This is what I use to build 90% of my websites with.

  3. All in One SEO Pack

  4. WordPress isn’t perfect out of the box, specifically the platform isn’t the best for SEO. This plugin improves that significantly.

  5. Blubrry Powerpress

  6. Free plugin to turn your WordPress RSS feed into a podcast feed as well, which can be submitted to iTunes.

  7. Corporate Ipsum

  8. Lorem Ipsum is boring, Corporate Ipsum allows you to quickly generate nicer looking placeholder text.

  9. Disqus

  10. Free comment plugin for WordPress. It’s a lot better than the default WordPress commenting system, the main reason being less spam and more actual discussions.

  11. Editorial Calendar

  12. Turn your draft posts into an editorial calendar to begin scheduling your content with a content calendar.

  13. Google Analytics

  14. Track everything. Google Analytics will allow you to track conversions, track traffic and split test pages.

  15. HelloBar

  16. The HelloBar places a sticky bar at the top of your website. This bar can be used to direct traffic to a specific page or to help build your list.

  17. OnePress Social Locker

  18. Lock your content and encourage your readers to share your website with this WordPress plugin.

  19. Olark

  20. This is an easy way to add live chat to any website. Live chat has helped increase my conversions by enabling me to talk to any visitor at any time.

  21. Peek User Testing

  22. Get feedback on how your website looks to a fresh pair of eyes. Get a 5 minute recording of someone browsing your website for the first time and talking about their experience.

  23. Revive Old Posts

  24. This WordPress plugin will automatically share older blog posts to your social media profiles to drive traffic back to older posts. If you have a lot of content don’t let it go to waste, especially when a majority of your followers haven’t seen your older content.

  25. SNAP social media

  26. This WordPress plugin will automatically share your new blog posts to all your social media profiles, saving you time.

  27. SumoMe

  28. SumoMe is just powerful swiss-army knife for websites. It gives you social share buttons, different ways to help build your list as well as a few other nifty features.


  29. Ahrefs

  30. A really powerful SEO tool that will not only analyze backlinks, but also provide information on how well your website is optimized and how many social signals you have.

  31. Alexa

  32. Alexa can help you see the kind of traffic your competitors are getting (as well as your own site) as compared to the rest of the world. Alexa also includes more detailed analytics but it is known for seeing the kind of traffic any website receives.

  33. Google PageSpeed Insights

  34. There’s no better website to tell you how your website is performing and how it should be performing than Google. This tool can help you improve your site and site’s SEO.

  35. Moz Local Business Listing Score

  36. If you are a local business owner and have a brick and mortar, this tool can let you quickly see how well your business is listed in the proper directories online and what you can do to improve it.

  37. Moz Open Site Explorer

  38. A great backlink checking tool that provides a lot of insight on how well your site is performing, another great SEO tool.

  39. QuickSprout

  40. A website grader that will grade the performance and SEO of your website.

  41. SERPs Rank Checker

  42. See how well your website is currently ranking for any keywords. You even have the option to view local searches.

    Social Media

  43. Buffer

  44. I love Buffer to schedule social media posts. I usually schedule all my social media posts a week ahead, automating my social media to save me time.

  45. Followerwonk

  46. The analytics app provides detailed insight on your (or anyones!) Twitter following. These reports can also help you find the influencers in your niche.

  47. Hootsuite

  48. Hootsuite allows you to schedule social media posts as well as be used as a “listening” tool to keep track of mentions and people talking about your brand so you can jump right in to the middle of their conversations.

  49. LaterGram

  50. While there is no fully automatic way to schedule Instagram posts, LaterGram is a decent alternative. LaterGram will notify you when it is time to post any Instagram post you schedule, and it’s as easy as pressing one button to get the post published.

  51. Omnicore’s Social Media Cheat Sheet

  52. A fantastic cheat sheet that visually shows all image sizes for the largest social media platforms and then some.

  53. Rapportive

  54. Rapportive is an excellent way to get a rundown on anyone that emails you. Rapportive will find their connected social media profiles and provide you their picture as well as some information such as their profession and website.

  55. TwitNerd

  56. TwitNerd is awesome. I use it mainly to see who’s not following me and unfollow them. This has helped grow my Twitter profiles really quickly.

  57. TwitShot

  58. Twitter posts with images get more engagement. TwitShot takes any link you share, pull an image or screenshot from the website and automatically attach it to your post.


  59. Gumroad

  60. Gumroad is the best free alternative to selling your own digital products. Not only do they process the payments, they also securely host your file for you.

  61. Mint

  62. Mint allows you connect all your bank accounts, credit cards and PayPal account to keep track of finances, set a budget and set goals with your spending and saving.

  63. NutCache

  64. NutCache helped me build and run my freelancing business. It let me send invoices and estimates to clients, track projects as well as bill them and receive money. If you’ve heard of FreshBooks, this is the free alternative.

  65. PayPal

  66. PayPal is a staple. Everyone needs a PayPal account as most customers expect it to be available as a payment option.

  67. Wave

  68. Wave makes payroll and taxes less of a nightmare. Period.


  69. Boomerang

  70. Boomerang is one tool I use to help me reach inbox zero everyday. It allows me to schedule emails to be sent later, and removes emails from my inbox that I wish to respond to later.

  71. Canned Responses

  72. I love Canned Responses. It’s easily one of the most underrated lab apps for Gmail. Create a bunch of canned responses to emails you regularly receive and cut down on your time responding to common emails.

  73. MailChimp

  74. There aren’t any real free ways to build an email list, the infrastructure and serverload required to send and collect tons of emails is massive. However, MailChimp does offer a lot of important features to collect and send emails for free, out of the box.

  75. Streak for Gmail

  76. CRM (customer relationship manager) right in your email! Excellent if you use Gmail a lot and have a lot of clients that you need to manage.

  77. WiseStamp

  78. Get a nice looking signature with a picture, links and social media buttons.

    Business Tools

  79. Bplans

  80. Business plans are not as relevant as they were 20 years ago. With the lean, bootstrap startup trend, business plans are seen as procrastination. Still, BPlans offers a huge number of business plan templates for almost any industry, for free, for you to take a look at.

  81. Calendly

  82. Calendly allows you to send a link to people that want to meet with you and gives them options to schedule the meeting based on your availability. It integrates nicely with my Google Calendar and makes scheduling meetings, interviews or anything else really easy,

  83. Faxzero

  84. The fax machine is dead. That’s why I love faxzero. For free, you can send a fax (with an ad placed over your page) without needing a fax machine.

  85. Meetup

  86. Find or create meetups with other local people that share your passions and interests.

  87. Score legal templates

  88. Free legal templates such as contracts, policies, budgets and a lot more.

  89. Zoho

  90. Powerful CRM software packed with features.

    Graphic And Photo Editing

  91. Canva

  92. Canva is fantastic. Photoshop, who? If you need to create beautiful images for social media or your website, Canva provides the templates, layouts and tools to make it possible.

  93. Icon Finder

  94. Icon Finder have over half a million free icons and vector graphics to make your website pretty.

  95. Pablo

  96. A simpler and quicker way to make really great looking social media images or even featured images for your blog posts.

  97. Photovisi

  98. Create photo collages and unique designs for social media and your blog images.

  99. PicMonkey

  100. A free and decent image editor with enough features to get you by if you don’t have more powerful software such as Photoshop.

  101. Piktochart

  102. Surprisingly great way to create infographics really quickly and easily.

  103. PixaBay

  104. A huge free stock photo website that are great for your blog images.

  105. Placeit

  106. Great free tool to create small sized mockups of your apps, websites, or products.

  107. Quozio

  108. Quickly and easily create images from quotes.

  109. Skitch

  110. Screenshot and annotation app for all platforms including mobile.

  111. TinyPNG / TinyJPG

  112. The best image compressor on the internet and it’s lossless compression so the image quality doesn’t suffer.

  113. Calm

  114. Need a break? Try calm. It’s great for meditation or as a quick stress buster.

  115. Chrome

  116. Chrome is the most flexible and arguably the most powerful browser available.

  117. E.ggtimer.com

  118. Egg timer is great to set timers for tasks to make sure you follow a strict schedule.

  119. Evercopy

  120. Everycopy is an extension for Chrome that allows you to store notes right in your browser and quickly copy them to your clipboard. This is handy when you send out a lot of canned responses or just want to have a bunch of messages in the tank and ready to go.

  121. Evernote

  122. Evernote, in my humble opinion, is not that great. I know how popular it is so I definitely still use it to share notes with clients and friends.

  123. F.lux

  124. Flux has saved my eyes from a lot of irritation. It’s an app that changes your monitor colors to a warm orange in the evening to prevent you from being overly stimulated at night and disrupting your sleep. It also makes staring into your monitor late at night, working long hours, a lot easier on your eyes.

  125. IFTTT

  126. If This Then That is compatible with most apps and SAAS out there, and it allows you to automate a lot of processes such as “If I change my profile picture on Twitter, change it on Facebook”.

  127. LastPass

  128. LastPass is easily one of my favorite extensions of all time and I’ve been using it forever. It allows you to generate a very secure, random password for all websites you have accounts for and auto-fill your logins. The nice thing is that all your secure passwords are behind one master password, so you only need to remember one password, without having to use one password for every single website.

  129. Momentum

  130. Momentum replaces the default new tab screen on Google with something a little more inspiring and motivating.

  131. Noisli

  132. Noisli is a simple and easy to use background noise generator. Great for when you need some background noise to help you work or meditate.

  133. Pocket

  134. Pocket allows you to save articles for later reading across any device.

  135. RescueTime

  136. RescueTime allows you to track and see how you use your time on your computer. It breaks down all of your activity into categories such as productive and non-productive and lets you see where most of your time is going and let’s you become more aware of your bad habits.

  137. StayFocused

  138. StayFocused is an extension for Chrome that lets you block out distracting websites for a certain amount of time so you don’t procrastinate.

  139. Sunrise Calendar

  140. I love Sunrise Calendar. It’s very easy to use, the interface is beautiful, it has a lot of nice features and it syncs up with virtually any calendar.

  141. Toggl

  142. A great time tracking tool to either stay focused or track time on projects to properly bill clients.

  143. Wunderlist

  144. Wunderlist is a classic to-do list app. Back in the day, before Trello, this was my go-to productivity app.

  145. Google Alerts

  146. Track your brand, your name or anything on Google. Everytime new content with the keyword you are tracking is indexed on Google, receive a notification.

  147. Google Keyword Planner

  148. Keyword research is crucial if you want to rank in search engine results. Fortunately, Google offers this free tool.

  149. Keyword.io

  150. A free keyword research tool to help you create better content with an SEO focus.

  151. Nuzzel

  152. A great tool to see what content your friends or followers are sharing on either Facebook or Twitter. Another great research and content idea tool. See what your audience likes.

  153. Proved.co

  154. If you have a creative product or app idea, Proved will source testers for you for free to help validate your product idea.

  155. SnagIt

  156. SnagIt is a great little screenshot tool and extension for Chrome. It allows you to record your screen or take pictures of your screen and add arrows/text after. This is great for how-to blog posts or videos.

  157. Social Count

  158. See the top shared posts on social media for any website (including your own). This gives you an idea of what is popular and what you should be writing about for your niche.

  159. Sumall

  160. Extremely powerful and versatile tool that allows you to connect all of your social media profiles and platforms to gain insight on what you’re doing right and wrong.

  161. Survey Monkey

  162. Survey Monkey allows you to send surveys to your readers and collect data and feedback. This is great for validating an idea or doing some research.

  163. Topsy

  164. A great niche search engine that allows you to search Twitter and find influencers in your industry.

  165. Typeform

  166. Easy form creator for surveys, payments, contests and more.

  167. Audacity

  168. Audacity is a free audio editing tool. I use this to edit the audio for my podcasts as well as miscellaneous audio editing work.

  169. Google Docs

  170. I love Google Docs. I’ve used it to write all my ebooks and blog posts as well as plan courses and projects.

  171. Feedly

  172. Feedly is an RSS feed reader. I use it to follow all my favorite blogs. This also plays a role in content curation for me.

  173. Jing

  174. Jing is a free screen recorder that allows you to share the recording link with friends. This is great if you’re quickly trying to teach someone how to do something or use something.

  175. Pamela for Skype

  176. Pamela allows you to record Skype calls. This is great if you do interviews on Skype.

  177. Swayy.co

  178. Swayy is another tool in my content curation arsenal. It suggest content to me based on what I share on social media. This is a great tool to find new content from blogs I don’t follow.

  179. Asana

  180. If you’ve heard of the collaberation tool, BaseCamp, Asana is the free version of that. This is a great tool if you have a very large team and need a way to collaborate and communicate.

  181. Slack

  182. Slack is an internal chat tool and, I’ll admit, sometimes I’m really addicted to it. It reminds me of IRC if you are old enough to remember it.

  183. Coggle.it

  184. Coggle is fantastic. It’s so underrated and I hope to be the one to bring it into the mainstream. Coggle is a mind-mapping tool that I’ve used to plan all my projects including my last course.

  185. Kifi

  186. Kifi is a article collecting and sharing social platform. It’s relatively new but great if you are a content creator or just need a way to organize your content and get ideas for content.

  187. Personapp

  188. Visually create the personas of your audience, helping you drill down what type of customer you want and are targeting for your business.

  189. Trello

  190. I love Trello. It is my favorite tool on this list. It’s made me a 100x more productive and goal-oriented person.

  191. Google Hangouts

  192. Google Hangouts just works. I use it for my mastermind meetings and interviewing/talking to people via video chat.

  193. Skype

  194. Skype is still relevant. A lot of people still use it. Even though it’s not my preference for video chat, most people still use it and it was an instrumental tool for my early success.

  195. HelpAReporter.com

  196. Help A Reporter Out helps connect you with reporters and writers that need interviews, experts or help for their stories and articles. This is a great way to get your name and business out on bigger sites such as Entrepreneur.com.

  197. Triberr

  198. Triberr is a blogging networking website that gets people to share your content on social media if you share theirs.

  199. Dropbox

  200. Dropbox is cloud storage. If you’re not using Dropbox, you’re missing out. The ability to sync files across many different devices makes it worth it alone.

  201. Notepad++

  202. Notepad++ is a text editor that can program in virtually any language. I’ve used it to edit things like HTML files to .htaccess files. Sure, there’s regular notepad for that, but the color and way it breaks up information makes your life a lot easier.