Triple your production with the Prospect Titan Power Dialer. Now YOU are in the driver’s seat with a completely automated solution that takes the dread out of your prospecting. With one simple click you can handle all the tedious tasks like dialing phone numbers, leaving voicemails, sending emails, sending text messages, taking notes, scheduling call backs and managing your contacts so you can do what you do best…CLOSE MORE BUSINESS!

  • Call 10x more leads in half the time with Progressive Power Dialing
  • Triple your call backs by sending out custom one touch emails
  • Skip over voicemails and drop your pre-recorded message
  • Blast a pre-recorded “press 1″ with our Voice Message Broadcast System
  • Schedule your contacts for automatic call backs
  • Manage and track call statuses with custom call dispositions
  • Full Call Reports and Team Management Functions
  • Team Manager Call Monitor for Live Agents
  • Team Manager Call Barge to Take Over Agent Calls
  • Much More!

Features You Get Inside Prospect Titan


Upload and manage all your contacts, sorted by groups in one central location. Upload unlimited contacts and add as many fields to your data as you like.

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Create custom call groups and transfer calls simultaneously to your sales teams, support agents or even use it to distribute leads to multiple clients at the same time.

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Build unlimited text message marketing campaigns and send unlimited text messages. Texts pricing starts at just 1c/m in USA and Canada. 

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Drag and drop your way to your very own Virtual Phone System or PBX with all the bells and whistles. Call menus, call transfer, personal greetings and much more!

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Create, schedule and send thousands of emails with ease from multiple SMTP accounts. Perfect for bypassing SMTP send limits from hosting providers!

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Add a single user for a small office or 100 users in a large call center, no matter the size of your business, Prospect Titan is your perfect choice solution.

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  • Setup UNLIMITED Inbound Campaigns!
  • Automatically handle Inbound Calls with Custom Greetings and Phone Menus
  • Complete Drag and Drop Virtual PBX Style Phone System
  • Inbound Call Tracking System to track
  • record and follow up on calls by campaign
  • Screen Pop of Contact information from on Inbound Calls
  • Create Custom Call Cues for Sales
  • Customer Support and more



Here’s what you get with Prospect Titan

You’re ready to take your business to the next level, increase business by letting Prospect Titan help you do it. Helping making you successful isn’t rocket science to our company but there is a secret formula and once it’s put into action you can practically make it run with the touch of a button. Here’s what you are getting…


Prospect Titan Account

This tool is the machine that will drive your entire sales and marketing system. With Prospect Titan any outbound prospecting activities will be totally automated with unlimited email, text and voice mail.

  1. Effortlessly create and send broadcast emails, calls and text messages
  2. Dominate your competition with scheduled auto responder sequences
  3. Manage and track results with email and calling reports
  4. Maintain positive client relationships with integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The Hot Lead Finder Software

As demonstrated in the video above you can conduct targeted searches for new business leads based on industry and locality.Ideal if you want to work with clients on a local or national scale.


9 Series Email Campaign

You want to increase your sales and grow your bottom line and the most effective way is through powerful marketing emails cleverly written that get your phone to ring with prospects looking to purchase your products or services. Our team will provide you with 9 of those exact messages that will entice your buyer to call or email you by offering a sizzling hot client magnet.

The “Client Magnet” (EBook or Infographic)

A confused mind never will never buy! Your prospects will crave what you have and will want to buy when you solve that problem and provide them VALUE. There is nothing they will appreciate more than having the material needed to make an informed decision on your offer. Our experienced team of marketing professionals will produce the perfect “Client Magnet” to entice your potential customers and have them chasing you down to get it!


Complete Campaign & Autoresponder Setup

We want you to be successful with this proven system and the best way to ensure this will happen for you is by taking away the guesswork. Immediately after you get access our team will go to work creating and setting up your entire Autoresponder Campaign. Your account manager will also walk you through all the ins and outs of the Sales Machine Automated Marketing and Selling Machine to assure you will never get lost or stuck during those occasions you’d like to look up a contact or shoot a one-off marketing email or text message broadcast out to your prospects.

Get The Video Prospector Software!

To take your business to the next level you need to be using video and to reward you for being a fast action taker and getting this amazing system TODAY you are also going to get VIDEO PROSPECTOR. This powerful video email marketing software will create and send out powerful custom video presentations to take your cold prospect all the way to HOT!


Triple your sales production with Prospect Titan. An automated solution that takes the dread out of your prospecting.

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