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Google Eliminated 57% of All Local Businesses


  • Why Google Changed Their First Page Listings
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What Does The Google “Snack Pack” Update Mean For Your Business?

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The original Google Seven Pack featured seven local businesses that matched a user’s search terms. This list would appear in the top half of the first page of results and could have easily included businesses like yours. However with the new Google update, commonly referred to as the Google “snack pack”, only three businesses are featured. This change from seven to three businesses is causing many businesses to loose a majority of their search engine customers. They are loosing these customers because it is no longer as easy to be accessible and visible to a customer simply from their original search.

The potential customers who once found your business in the top seven local search results will probably not venture past the updated “snack pack” to find your business because they will determine that the top three businesses provide more than enough information to make a decision about where they will take their business. Because customers who would have previously discovered your business in the original seven pack may not find you in the updated “snack pack”, it is essential to change your marketing strategy in order to keep your business in the top three featured results. If your business does not remain in the top three, you may lose money every month until the number of customers bringing their business to you via online referrals increases.

It is known that Google changes its algorithm every year or so to provide better results to users and it is important that you understand how this algorithm changes. Google is very open about how its algorithm functions and the literature explaining the new algorithm becomes available to the public upon its release. The current Google algorithm features companies with mobile-friendly websites, so you must update your site to become more mobile-friendly in order to gain more traction with Google.

Hiring a marketing company that focuses on your website will improve your position in the search results. Marketing companies understand how to update the content on your website and the SEO techniques used on your site will help bring in more customers. The company you hire will continuously monitor the marketing efforts of your company and alert you when you are being featured in the new snack pack.

Once you are featured in the top three local businesses, the level of marketing it took to get you to that place can and should be maintained. Even though you have gained a place in the “snack pack” you should keep your marketing company with you for as long as you are in business because Google could change its algorithm at any time and you could suffer the consequences if you are not working with a marketer. The marketer will adjust your marketing campaign and you will not be caught off guard by sudden changes to the Google algorithm.

Your local SEO focus must not change as Google alters its algorithm. You may have several worldwide customers, but you cannot forget the needs of your local customers. The customers who live in an area near your location will visit your business more frequently if you have made changes to your marketing scheme and are featured in the top three local businesses on the Google search page. You may not attract local customers if you are outside the “snack pack” and Google will maintain this update for the foreseeable future.

Keeping up with the Google snack pack changes can be difficult for your business so you must hire a marketer who can help you alter your marketing focus. The focus of your marketing efforts should place your business in the top three of local results. You will not be featured if you are not performing as well as other local business in your area, so adjusting to the new Google algorithm is imperative. These changes are necessary for the success of your business and you will notice an increase in the local business you acquire upon updating your marketing protocols and becoming featured in the new Google update.[/sociallocker]

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